In an attempt to obtain a prize for our First Annual Grillin Fools Backyard BBQ Bash – Putting the Backyard back into BBQ – I contacted a certain grill manufacturer that I was very fond of.  A friend of a friend worked there and gave me an email address to the executive assistant to the president of the grill company.  It was a shot in the dark, but I figured that the event is for a good cause as half the proceeds will be going to charity, and hoped they could help us raise more money.  At the time I sent the email I wasn’t sure which charity but we have since settled on splitting the donation between the Wounded Warrior Project and the Fisher House.  I was hoping that the grill company would see what big fans we were and send us something to help bolster the event.  This is the email I sent:


<executive assistant’s first name>,


A friend of mine has a  friend who works for your company.  He gave me your email address as someone I should contact about an event myself and the other two Grillin Fools, owners of, are having on October 9th in St. Louis.  The event is a true backyard BBQ contest in that no custom rigs are allowed.  Only mass market grills under $500.  If the pros want to attend they have to use the grills of us joes.  We’re trying to remove the intimidation factor that keeps so many from participating in competition BBQ and get back to what BBQ is all about – people hanging out by the pit, sharing tips, enjoying the weather and each others company.


The Grillin Fools are are very socially conscious and are giving half the proceeds to a charity that has yet to be determined.  Susan G Kolman, Wounded Warriors, MS society, and St. Baldrick’s are at the top of our list as well as a local charity called the St. Patrick’s Center that teaches homeless people job skills to help get them find employment and get off the street.  We are about to launch an apparel line and will be donating 10% of everything we make charity as well.  We can’t justify all that we have been blessed with without giving some back to help others.  I live by that in my personal life and will continue to do so in this hobby of mine that is morphing into something bigger in front of my eyes as the website continues to grow.


So why am I telling you about all of this?  We were hoping that Weber would be willing to donate something for the grand prize for our Backyard BBQ Bash.  We plan on having three categories, appetizer, the St. Louis classic the pork steak, and ribs as well as a Grand Pit Master for best combined score for all three. This is our first competition and right now we can only afford trophies for the categories and the Grand Pit Master.  We thought a grill from Weber would be a great prize for the competition.


If this is not something you can do, I completely understand.  You must get thousands of requests like this.  I thought I would give it a shot and also tell you that we’re big fans.  We have featured one of my two Weber Kettles on the site many times in one shape or another in the process of grilling the basics like ribs, chicken, and steaks on them as well as the things like lettuce, bison, meatloaf, lobster, and potatoes.  My blue One Touch Gold is my go to grill.  The only time I pull out my Char Griller Smoker Pro is when I need the extra space.  I would buy that new 26 inch Kettle that I have been salivating over but with a new son less than 2 weeks old at home, my wife would strangle me if I brought home another grill.  We are not exclusive to Weber, as my dad is a Charbroil guy and my cousin is a Big Green Egg head, but Weber has been featured more than either of them as I am the founder of the website and use it more than any of my other grills.  Click here to see a list all the things I have done on the site using your grills.


Thank you for your time and your wonderful products.



…….Scott Thomas
The Original Grillin Fool


The response I got was this:

Dear Mr. Thomas:


Your recent email inquiry has been forwarded to my attention for response.  First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us with respect to the history surrounding  Clearly, you and your partners have a true passion for grilling and a gift for sharing that passion with others.


However, with respect to your website we have a few concerns.  First, your use of our trademarks, namely “Weber” and “Weber Kettle” in your “key words” banner on the left side of your home page is misleading.  Clicking on these trademarks takes one to a random recipe that you are promoting, rather than anything “Weber” or “Weber Kettle.”  Not only is this an unauthorized use of our federally registered trademarks, it is very confusing to any visitor to your site who clicks on these key words to gain information on Weber.  Please remove our trademarks from your site, and confirm that you have done so.


Lastly, with respect to your request for a donation, you are correct that we receive “thousands of these.”  In addition, Weber has established business relationships with third parties, which prevent us from associating with certain organizations and products. Even when we are able to clear any conflicts, a simple grill donation has often turned into false marketing claims, which results in Weber being promoted, without our knowledge, as being a sponsor, associated with or endorsing a particular contest.  It is for all of these reasons that we also choose to make our donations and charitable partnerships quietly without any advertising.


We truly appreciate your loyalty to our brand and to our Company.  However, as stated above, we need to caution you against how our trademarks are used.  Weber is not just the name of our Company, it is a federally registered trademark for a huge variety of goods and services. As such, we regulate and protect its use at all costs.


We thank you for respecting our rights and wish you and your partners the best of luck with your internet and barbecue ventures.



Nancy Misch

Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs

Weber-Stephen Products Co.


That’s right.  I got your garden variety cease and desist letter.  So after years of being a loyal fan, supporter and frequent encourager to buy products from grill manufacturer that shall not be named, I was told not to use their name on this website.  The reason I am posting and linking to this is that I felt that any Grillin Fool who checks this site should know why I had to go back and remove or change certain words.


Some will call this sour grapes on my part because I didn’t get a donation.  That’s not it at all.  I knew getting a donation was a long shot but thought the cause was worth the effort to take a few minutes to fire off an email.  I also understand they have an obligation to protect their trademark but it still doesn’t feel good to be told to remove them from the website when we were essentially promoting their products free of charge for the last two years formally and informally for years before that.  There is no better testimonial advertising for a grill than what we do here at in making great stuff on those grills.  To help convey how I feel, I will let someone else sum it up.  an iFriend explained it better than I can:


It has got to be chapping your hide and I feel for you GrillinFool. I’ve read you hyping their products and recommending them to new comers asking for suggestions over the past few years. Almost like a good friend just told you to pound salt!


If grill manufacturer that shall not be named does not want us promoting their products we will comply fully and completely and no longer promote them in any way.  There are plenty of other manufacturers out there that would love the free publicity we provide.  I’m not going to tell you not to buy their products.  That’s up to you do decide based on your grilling needs, budget, available options, etc., but I will no longer add any further content to this site using their grills and risk raising the ire of their legal department because I used their product to make something on the grill and documented the process to help others have the same success.  I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors…


…….Scott Thomas

The Original Grillin’ Fool

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas, the Original Grillin’ Fool, was sent off to college with a suitcase and a grill where he overcooked, undercooked and burned every piece of meat he could find. After thousands of failures, and quite a few successes, nearly two decades later he started a website to show step by step, picture by picture, foolproof instructions on how to make great things out of doors so that others don’t have to repeat the mistakes he’s made on the grill.
Scott Thomas

@GrillinFool - #GrillPorn abounds here. All meat, all the time!
Oh my wow! There is so much perfection right there! 😲✔️👍😎 . Video shot by the insanely talented @carlaocarvalho77 …… - 2 years ago


Unreal. What great PR.
I also laughed at the changing of the tags.


Hi Scott,
My name/id was W*bert, replace the asterisk with the letter between d and f
I don’t need a lawsuit!

My old id was a play on the GMTSNBN’s products.
I still love their grills, and hate to see the company as just another big corporation with a room full of lawyers ready to pounce!

Funny too, since their name is pretty much synonymous for bbq grill, much as Kl*enex is for tissue.
I can just imagine Kl*enex prowling the web for unauthorized usage.

Keep up the great work!
Looking forward to your next cook on a GMTSNBN, no matter who made the grill!


Wow..I can understand declining the charity because of the mass amount of requests they receive. But a cease and desist letter to a fan that consistently praises their product? I’ll be honest with you, I’ve came to this blog through another certain football site. I’ve expanded my knowledge of grilling and smoking and all wonderful things involved in outdoor cooking because of this website. I was thinking of replacing my substandard (aka beginner) grill with a W**er grill and possibly my smoker as well, but after reading this, I think I’ll look elsewhere. Keep you heads up guys. You provide great information on grilling and you are doing a great thing with the charity grill off. Hopefully a certain company will learn the err of it’s ways.


Hmmm… Just moved into my new house and was getting ready to buy a grill manufacturer that shall not be named. Guess I’ll keep shopping.


Isn’t it sad that big business is no longer about word of mouth promotion? This country is so “legal” obsessive that it kills true American spirit and enterprise. Well it is their loss not to be a featured product on your great website.
Hope you can also get all the Google links that benefit them off as well.


Ah, welcome to the world of Big Business where small minds are encouraged!


wow, that sucks. i know W*b*r has all the name power behind them (much like in the 80’s every mobile cassette player wasw a Walkman)… but i have never been a huge fan of them. I swear by my Ch*r Gr*ll*r Smokin Pro. it has never let me down in the 3 1/2 years i have had it. no their official grill covers are another story….



My main grill now consists of a CharGriller Smokin Pro and a new Charbroil that I’ve been playing around with called the Big Easy. It’s an infrared propane grill but with some wood chips I’ve been able to do some really cool stuff with it. The Rendezvous ribs were just the beginning….

I like my Chargriller but I had to do some serious mods to it and it’s drafty as hell. The lid design on the main chamber isn’t nearly as good as it is on the firebox in terms of holding in heat.

Oh, and feel free to use the names of Chargriller and Charbroil. First off, I have no problem giving them free publicity. Second, they haven’t sent me a cease and desist so for now we’re good!?!



I’m a fan of “The Man’s” products that are mentioned in this article. I’m sorry to hear that they went this route rather than ignoring your letter altogether so we could remain blissfully ignorant! Can’t say I’m suprised, business is business as usual. I’m sure they consider it as doing favor to you/us by forewarning you of the consequences of continuing down the original path of posting with their name.

Next up you’ll have to use photoshop and black out the image of the grill.

Keep the faith!


Kev, this is house77 from tippingpitchers.

As I mentioned to you there, it’s no surprise that you got this letter. In my industry, I work with attorneys all the time. They truly don’t understand marketing… it’s not in their DNA. They have a head-in-the-sand mentality.

Keep on rocking with the site. I absolutely love it. And you’ve inspired me to start grilling about a year ago. Now, I love it. Thanks for the motivation.


Thanks for the support, House. I appreciate it. Oh, and I’m Scott, not Kev…


Falls under the category of “if you ask permission, they will say no”.

Sad. from little bloggers, masters of the industry grow. I think it is an opportunity missed. I have had three charity events, all supported by local businesses, and non of the national boys.


I came across your blog when I was researching BBQ grills for a donation for my children’s charity. Ouch! Now I don’t even want to reach out to the un-named company for anything. Matter fact let them keep all their grills. Good Luck with your charities. True Blue American companies will support worthy causes especially The Wounded Warrior.


I am never spending a penny with them. I cant wait to attend one of your events and enjoy your interview on the point 105.7fm…. I took the legs off my generic kettle and put it on top of my barrel smoker…Pork steaks and ribs coming up.


Never liked them anyway, and certainly have no reason to support them now.


Not that it matters now, but it’s probably a better route to go with a local hardware store. I’ve gotten grills at the end of the season for a raffle in the past from an Ace Hardware. I imagine if they’d asked their Weber supplier about it, they probably would have been told the same thing. But they didn’t and gave me two kettles and they get the tax write-off for the donation to a non-profit.


Unbelievable. That is all I can say.


SMH what a shame. I love Weber and use my wife’s vintage 1978 kettle. I blog and promote them all the time, but honestly, they probably could care less due to the fact they sell so many grills. I feel your painf or donations. We put on some KCBS Hogging Up BBQ Festivals two years in a row and donated the profits to charities. My wife could not get any donations from them, however, going direct to the reseller, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot yielded us gift certificates that could be used on anyting, including a Weber grill. Next time I’ll just nab one of Ebay and give it away as a prize, but you owuld think that companies would appreciate any notariety you give them. After all a lot of people read your site, and if they were considering Weber versus Brinkmann, well, they may just choose the latter.



I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the comment…


I have a few rhetorical questions: So anyone who decides not to give up anything for free is a bad? Did you advise them you were a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status? Who is Susan G Kolman?



I’m not upset they did not give me a grill. I knew that was a shot in the dark and clearly expressed that in the post. It was the fact they didn’t want my free advertising based on some misguided need to defend their brand. I sent a similar letter to Char-Broil and they felt no need to defend their brand and asked me to write for them and have been doing so ever since. Char-Broil is under the same mandate to protect their brand, but decided that free advertising was worth more to them then the misguided notion that some blogger was going to take over the brand of a billion dollar company somehow…


I can certainly understand why you would feel the way you do after getting a reply like that. You feel like you’re trying to do a good thing, and promote a product you love, and that you just had a simple question that didn’t warrant a wrist slap over using their trademarks.

But the thing is, I’ve seen true C&D orders before. This was a very kindly worded request by comparison and in the spirit of believing you both had the same aims.

What you need to understand is that trademarks *require* the holder to defend them consistently. If they are made aware of infringement, sometimes even minor infringement, and choose to do nothing about it, they can’t do anything about it later if it becomes a problem. Further it can even undermine their ability to protect their trademark in other unrelated disputes, if that party can demonstrate they didn’t care about it in other examples. Once you made them aware of your site, they were obligated to make that point from a legal perspective.

It’s a frustrating aspect of the world we live in that you have to do that, and that sometimes it means the little guy gets stepped on. But honestly, I don’t think they were saying you can’t use it, just that you need to be careful to comply with the guidelines that allow them to demonstrate their protection of the mark.



I’ve heard all that you are saying before. I realize it was a kind worded C&D. That being said, I wrote a similar letter to Char-Broil and they didn’t see the need to defend their multi million brand against a hack blogger like myself and actually hired me to promote their brand. Char-Broil is under the same requirement to protect its brand that the other company is under and chose not to push it which shows me a company that puts customer service first…


If Charbroil would only make a Rotisserie for their 22″ Kettle I would gladly use Charbroil Grills instead of a not to be named grill!!!!
I have one of the Charbroil 22″ Kettle Grills that sits virtually unused in my garage, because I have been unable to find a Rotisserie for it!!!! Any ideas????



I’m not sure they are going to make a rotisserie for that grill. I was at the HQ last spring and don’t remember that ever being mentioned. Sorry about that. I wish I had a better answer…


Wow. OK that has really convinced me not to buy their rotisserie attachment.

Can you recommend an alternative or a home made plan?

I know this post is really old…



I’m not really sure. The only rotisserie I have ever used went on an old Char-Griller. I would maybe search Amazon and find one that is highly rated…


I just came across grillinfools and I dig it, I had a small grill I’d been using for years finally rust out and I upgraded to a char-broil…i would
Like to say it’s because I love charbroil but after reading what “they” did the only way I can hurt them is to not give them my $150 bucks…I only use charcoal grills..never liked propane..thanks for the tips..


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