I know it sounds a little strange.  Those little bundles of green onions that come two or three for a buck that you normally use as a minor ingredient or as a garnish made into a side dish?  That somewhat bitter onion flavor served by itself without any ranch dipping sauce to go on it to make it palatable?  If you trusted me on the grilled romaine lettuce I’m asking you to trust me here.  And this may be the shortest entry this site will ever see because it is just that easy…

For four people I bought six bundles of green onions.  We probably could’ve used more as they were that good and I had no idea how many I would need. In the future I would probably double that amount.  Basically three of those little bundles per person.

I examined the onions and pulled back the stalks that were dried out and papery.  I then rinsed them and placed them on a large platter where I drizzled them with olive oil, dusted them with granulated garlic, applied a sprinkle of coarse salt and a few turns of fresh black pepper.  I then worked all of that threw the stalks with my hand to get a good coating on all surfaces:


Now that we have the hard part out of the way, off to the grill.

This was a side dish to go along with some seafood.  I placed the green onions right over the fire along side some salmon:


What’s that on the left?  Some escargot:


After maybe 60 seconds on the high heat, start to rotate the pile of greens so that the pieces that haven’t had direct contact to the heat get a chance to get a little char:


All you are going for here is a little char around the green onions so we’re talking about two to three on the heat.  I didn’t plan the lay out of the grill as well as I should have.  I should’ve place the ends of the green onions just off the heat with the white bases over the heat  to cook more evenly as the thick bulbs take more to grill but the results were still great.

Here we have the onions on a platter ready to be served:


And here we have the plated with the salmon, escargot and my wife’s cheesy potatoes cooked in muffin tins.  Sadly, I did not do the potatoes on the grill.  Next time maybe?


But what do they taste like?  Well, that bitterness of the green onion is gone completely and replaced with a grilled sweetness that makes the grilled romaine so good.  If you missed the grilled romaine you are missing out.  It is a Grillin Fools favorite.  Click here to see how to grill lettuce.

There are a couple of things I would do differently next time:

  1. As I said above I would array my grill so that I could place the ends off the heat and have the white bases over the heat so the green onions cook more evenly.
  2. I would make more
  3. For presentation purposes I would put the greens down and place the salmon directly on top.  It would look better and the salmon would keep the greens warm and add flavor as the dripping from the salmon would add flavor.

If you are interested in other grilled sides or vegetarian dishes click here to see others we have done here.  Sometimes the link will be a meat dish and a vegetarian side so look past the meat if that’s what you are looking for.

As usual, if you have any questions about the grilled scallions feel free to leave a comment below or email me.

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Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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Can you share your wife’s cheesy potato recipe?



I’d have to ask her for that. Not sure. That was a couple years ago and we haven’t had them in a while…


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