One of my favorite pub appetizers is scotch eggs.  Simply put they are hard boiled eggs wrapped in a layer of sausage, deep fried for a bit, split down the middle and served with a dipping sauce.  Not great for the arteries unless you’re doing the Atkins thing, but delicious.  I decided to put the Grillin Fools spin on scotch egg and make grilled  scotch eggs.

This is the simplest deal to make.  Great to add to any smoke session you may be doing.  In this case I was experimenting with some different rib recipes, but if you were doing a brisket or some fatties, you could easily whip some of these up to throw on the grill as well.

Smoked Scotch Eggs Ingredients:

1 pound of standard bulk breakfast sausage
3 hard boiled eggs (There are four eggs in the pic below but I only had enough sausage for three)
5 cloves of garlic, minced
1/3 cup of fresh grated hard cheese.  In this case I used asiago but parmesian or romano would work as well
A few turns of fresh black pepper to taste
A little granulated garlic to dust the outside
Your favorite BBQ sauce as a dipping sauce

Yield: Makes three grilled scotch egg which serves 6 as an appetizer


In a mixing bowl combine the sausage, garlic, cheese and black pepper and mix well to distribute the ingredients thoroughly:


Divide the sausage into three even sized chunks.  Take the first chunk and spread it out thinly over a piece of wax paper and flatten it out.  You want to be able to cover the entire outer surface of the egg with the sausage:


Speaking of eggs, I did not cook the eggs till they were solid all the way through.  They were still a bit soft.  I shelled them a bit prematurely and they came out great so maybe cut back the boiling time on the eggs by two minutes as the eggs will cook more on the grill.

Place a hardboiled egg in the middle of the spread out sausage:


Wrap the edges around and pat the seams gently to get rid of any crevices but not hard enough to smash the egg inside. If you don’t pat the eggs well where the sausage seals up around the egg then the sausage will split during the grilling process.  After I did these eggs I’m documenting in this post, I did a few more grilled scotch eggs and did not pat all of them and here is what happened:


Still really good but the presentation is not as nice.

Here are all three ready for a simple rub:


Dust the outside with granulated garlic and fresh black pepper if you desire. No salt needed as the pork has plenty:


The scotch eggs were placed on a grill next to some ribs and a pot of beans.  The grill was cooking about 250.  The flames from the right were from a chunk of peach that ignited once I raised the lid to check the meat and take some pics.  I took this an hour into the process:


Here is a close up of the smoked scotch eggs:


Two hours in, the sun had since set, the ribs were slathered in BBQ sauce still had a bit to go but the grilled scotch eggs were done and ready to come off the grill:


Sorta looks like an oily baked potato:


But how does that look:


Here is a close up shot of the smoked scotch eggs with a darker setting to show the smoke ring better with a little BBQ sauce in the background:


My wife wanted sauced ribs so I had some BBQ sauce on the stove that I poured into a small bowl and used as a dipping sauce.  I didn’t have time to make a honey mustard dipping sauce and since these were grilled scotch eggs BBQ sauce seemed more appropriate anyway.

Another great benefit of the smoked scotch eggs is they are still really good reheated.  I throw them in the microwave for 2.5 minutes on high and they are great the next day.  They make an excellent breakfast.  In the future I may make a few of these on the weekend just to have for breakfast a couple of days during the week.

Other options – I have made these again and used maple sausage and they were great.  Also, I have been told  that brushing them with A-1 throughout the process is excellent as well.

And if you are interested in any other sausage themed grilling recipes may I introduce you to my artery clogging friend the fatty. It’s not that kind of fatty.

Here is another round of fatties I did with different ingredients.

Or if those ribs in a couple of the pics above got your mouth watering, check this link which has a bunch of different rib recipes in it.

And as always, if you have any questions about the grilled scotch eggs feel free to comment below or send me an email.

Also, you can follow the Grillin Fools on Facebook and post your own grilling pictures, share grilling recipes, and join the general grilling conversation or keep up with us on Twitter@GrillinFool (no S).

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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These look great. I see you live in St. Louis, I am in Kansas City. If you ever get to the pretty side of the state, let me know, I would enjoy cooking together some time…Kind of a Bobby flay pick the ingredient and we both do our favorite recipes…

BTW, I just put up a post about grilling tips for beginners…do you have anything to add?


I just saw this post. Shoot me a link if you want some input. And I would be up for some joint grilling any time. Particularly now that we are moving into prime grilling season!!!

I’m not a fan of the fattie. I like breakfast sausage, but not that much I found out when I made mine. It’s a shame, I really wanted to do the bacon lattice. However, I made a veggie fattie.



I’m sorry to hear that. I have met a few that are just not fans. But for the most part I get rave reviews on them…


Never heard of this before which is a shame because it looks too awesome! Love how this would make an awesome brunch treat.


Now that is one preparation I have not tried, but it sure does look great too! The egg is perfectly cooking inside the sausage!!


I have since made them again. Love them. Anytime I’m planning on smoking anything for 2-3 hours I make a few of these up. They are great the next day hot or cold for breakfast.

I’ve never eaten this. It looks so terrific. Do you think a lower fat sausage meat could be used?



Sure, a lower fat sausage can be used but watch your cooking times. Less fat means shorter cooking times as you increase your chance of drying the sausage out. Remember, you are just cooking the outside sausage, not the egg.

well that is more like barbecued scotch eggs, but never the less a wonderful idea. Rico


Im gonna be doin some of these this week sometime,I have bought different sausages so I can do a variety and find what works and what doesnt.


Great idea!
I know this is an old post, but I wanted to let you know I tried this with a buddy last night, who had found this recipe. Rather than garlic or pepper, we coated the eggs with a rub made from mostly brown sugar. The fat dripping from the eggs combined with the sugar to make a great savory sweet shell. No sauce was necessary. Thanks!



Most of my rubs have brown sugar in them but I decided against it for this recipe, but it sounds like it would’ve been a hit either way. Thanks for the heads up…


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