When most people think of baked potatoes they think of the oven or even the microwave. Not me. I think of grilling them. This is a wonderful side dish that is as tasty as it is easy.  Sure, it may take an hour for the potatoes to cook, but the total prep and maintenance time is maybe 3 minutes.  That’s it.  I haven’t made a baked potato in the oven or a microwave in more than a year. This is my go to method for making potatoes – grilled baked potatoes, that is.

Grilled Baked Potatoes Ingredients:

olive oil
granulated garlic or garlic powder (if you use garlic salt, omit salt below)
salt and black pepper

No amounts here.  You’ll understand in a moment.

Start out with however many potatoes you plan on cooking for the meal.  Wash them and dry them.  Now brush on some olive oil (or butter if you prefer):


Now sprinkle them on both sides with coarse salt, fresh cracked black pepper and then dust with granulated garlic to taste:


That’s it.  The potatoes are ready to be grilled.

I set up the grill for indirect grilling and placed the potatoes 3-4 inches away from being directly over the coals with the smaller ones being a little farther away than the larger ones:


How about an overhead view:


After 30 minutes on the grill between 300-320 (lid closed) I rotated the grilled baked potatoes 45 degrees or so and cooked for another 30 minutes.  That’s right.  I was going for cross hatch grill marks on the potatoes as you can see after I flipped them over:


They sort of look like Chinese characters:



I left them on the grill for about another 10 minutes and then placed them in an oven set at 200 so I could cook the rest of my meal which you can see in a future post.   Here is the potato next to a wonderfully rare Filet:


If you have the grill space, these generally take about an hour at 300 to be cooked through. I push on the potato to make sure they’re done and don’t need anymore grilling. When they are soft to the touch, they’re ready to eat.

The best is the salty, hearty skin this grilling method imparts as the drying air makes the skin outstanding, not to mention the slightly smoky flavor. I always make baked potatoes on the grill now because I love how good they come out every time.

If you have any questions about grilled baked potatoes feel free to comment below or email me.

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Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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Will these work on a gas grill if I indirect grill them? I never thought of grilling potatoes. I want to try this.



They will absolutely work on a gas grill. Heat on one side, none on the other. Try to get the temp of the grill up to 300 overall. Place the taters on the side with no heat. The larger ones closer to the heat than the smaller. Test periodically for them to get soft. Enjoy…

These are excellent made this way. I’ve been making potatoes like this for years. To make cooking time a little quicker, you can par-cook them in the microwave for a few minutes. It doesn’t change the flavor at all. Just don’t salt them first. I also use leftover baked potatoes for appetizers. When cooled, I cut them in half or wedge them. Brush with a little oil, and grill them until hot and crispy. Top with cheese, sour cream, and bacon! Wonderful, easy appetizers. (Never mind healthy!)


Thanks for the tips–we’re going camping and I needed a refresher on baked potatoes without an oven. Camping sites seem to want the potatoes IN the coals, which seems excessive.


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