One of my favorite things to grill. So simple, so easy and always good. Scallops rarely need anything other than salt and black pepper and a hot cooking surface.  I think of them as the candy of the sea.  Scallops are one of the easiest things to cook on the grill.  A little practice is all you need to prefect these amazing morsels.  And I apologize for these pictures.  This was early on in the website and my photography skills really sucked.  They still suck but not this bad, so please disregard the bad pictures and enjoy the recipe…

While scallops only need salt and black pepper and to be seared on each side, I tweak grilled scallops only a couple of ways, wrapping bacon around them, slathering some garlic infused olive oil on them or soaking them in Andria’s for a bit. I realize that Andria’s is a steak sauce but it is extremely versatile.  In this case I marinaded them in Andria’s for about 30 minutes.  With scallops it doesn’t take much:

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I almost left out a step. Scallops have a tough muscle that attaches the tender delicious part to the shell. This membrane needs to be removed. Some scallops have this still attached. For some it fell off during harvesting. Three of the six I cooked had the membrane. Here is a picture of the membrane as you can see dad pointing to:

Are those big enough?

Here is a short clip of how to remove the membrane:

Normally I just sear them over a hot fire but the cold and the wind were working against me and wicking the heat away so I flame seared these like I did the steaks:

As long as you don’t overcook them they will be awesome. If they are rubbery they are overcooked.  So keep checking the sponginess of the scallops as you are cooking them to prevent them from getting rubbery.

This darkened the scallops more than I normally do when I have a hotter fire but they were delicious none the less

Part III will be my crostinis.

If you have any questions about the above dish please feel free to comment below or email me.

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Scott Thomas

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