Peachy Sweet Ribs

Peachy Sweet Ribs are spare ribs trimmed St. Louis style and smoked before being topped with canned peaches, drizzled with the peach syrup and hoisin sauce

Beef Tallow Brisket

To slather your brisket in wagyu beef tallow or not to slather, that is the question. We answer it with a side by side comparison to see if beef tallow brisket is worth the extra effort.

Smoked Sausage Skewers

Zatarain’s smoked sausage, skewered and charred over hot embers, flipped over and topped with cheese and either marinara or basil pesto and served on toasted buns or what we call Smoked Sausage Skewers

Red Hot Riplets Ribs

Ribs slathered with a spicy seasoning then placed in a foil boat with honey and butter to finish these sweet heat ribs we call Red Hot Riplets Ribs

Reverse Seared Fish

Halibut and swordfish, seasoned with black garlic, smoked and then seared on a cast iron griddle inside a gas grill to make reverse seared fish

Foil Boat Ribs

Foil Boat Ribs: Pork ribs smoked and then placed in a aluminum foil boat with BBQ sauce and butter and smoked some more to a smoky, juicy perfection

Leg of Lamb with Gorgonzola Butter

Leg of lamb, smoked and slathered in herbs, garlic and olive oil before being seared and sliced before being topped with a pat of gorgonzola butter. Get ready for Leg of Lamb with Gorgonzola Butter.

Double Smoked Sliders

Cold cuts smoked on my pellet smoker then added to a slider buns with cheese and smoked again to melt said cheese to make double smoked sliders