For some of you that means something very different than what I will discuss in this entry. This is not a something related to sparking up a blunt. This is simply sausage smoked on a grill. There are a million ways to make fatties. Fatties can be sweet, stuffed, spicy and all things in between.

To make a fatty, one must purchase some sort of loose or bulk sausage. I’ve made them with one pound breakfast sausage as well as bulk sausage from the meat counter at the grocery store. Here is a cheese stuffed Fatty:

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The first fatty I ever made was the same day I did the spiral sliced and stuffed pork loin. For that fatty I took a one pound tube of maple breakfast sausage and put it in a mixing bowl. I minced up some of the following: garlic, vidalia onion and about half a honey crisp apple and added that to the mixing bowl. A little cracked black pepper and some brown sugar completed the ingredients. I mixed all of that together and then reshaped the sausage into the form it was in when it was in the plastic tube. Then I applied a sweet rub of paprika, brown sugar, granulated garlic, chili powder and black pepper. The fatty is on the left:

No salt at all on this. There is plenty of salt in the pork.

There is nothing to cooking these things. Throw them on the grill for about 3 hours between 225-250. When it firms up it is done. You don’t really have to flip them over or turn them. You can put bacon on them to baste the meat, but it is not required. Having a second level rack in my offset smoker is a great place for fatties to cook. I like to put them over something else I am cooking so the fat drips over the other meat or dish. I’ve put these over baked beans and in this case I put it over the pork loin:

When I close the grill lid that rack moves forward a few inches and the fatty is right over the loin. I’ve also put them over ribs:

After a couple of hours the fatty and the loin are coming along nicely:

Here are the loin and the fatty resting:

And here we have the loin and fatty plated:

I have also done stuffed fatties. Fatties can be stuffed with anything, cheese, potatoes (someone just mentioned to me Tater Tots which sounds divine), peppers, proscuitto, fruit, veggies, pretty much anything that floats your boat.

For these two fatties I did one identical as above but I forgot the rub. But the other I decided to stuff and use bulk sausage rather than breakfast sausage. I bought a pound of bulk sausage and put it in a mixing bowl. I added minced garlic and onion as well as some black pepper and grated asiago cheese. Then I spread it out on a piece of wax paper and added a couple slices of prosciutto:

Then I added some chunks of blue cheese:

Then I rolled it back up and put it on the platter with the sweet fatty. The stuffed fatty is on the right:

I didn’t think there was much difference between bulk sausage and breakfast sausage but the difference it pretty startling. Here are the two fatties resting (along with some baked beans):

The stuffed fatty is on the right again. Uncooked the breakfast fatty was much larger. When cooked it is much smaller and also much darker. The stuffed fatty looks like it is still raw compared to the other but it cooked through. Here are a couple shots of the stuffed fatty sliced:

When stuffing fatties with cheese you really have to pat the hell out of them as if you are pounding out hamburgers. You can’t have the meat be loose and have cracks form as the meat firms up as the fat renders out. So, I’m telling you that spanking your sausage is required when stuffing fatties with cheese. I mean really give it a good beating. If not you may have some premature cheese leakage.

Here are two stuffed fatties I made for a buddy’s bachelor party (along with ribs and beans). One I spanked harder than the other. Can you see which is which in the upper right?

Here is a close up of those fatties:

When the fatty on the left started oozing I threw a piece of foil under both of them to save the cheese.

Some recommend putting the fatty in the fridge for a while before cooking so that it is easier to manipulate on the grill. I really have not had a problem putting a warm fatty on the grill. As long as it is not touched for the first hour it will firm up enough to be moved without risk of it falling apart.

While I am not a proponent of drug use I am a big fan of smoking fatties so by all means everyone, go smoke some fatties!?!?!

As usual, if you have any questions about this recipe, please email me or simply leave a comment below.

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Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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I am very familiar with Scotch Eggs. One of my favorite things to order at Growler’s Pub here in St. Lou. I think you are right in that I need to do a grillin version of the Scotch Egg. I will add that to my list of things I need to do on the grill and post on the site….


You might try a scotch egg… Oddly similar to your stuffed fatty only the center is a hardbolied egg. They are excellent cold.


Thanks for this. So good. We bought half a hog at a 4H auction and I was looking for ways to use the sausage. Pork steaks are up next weekend.


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