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Despite grilling scallops all the time, I don’t think there is a single post on the site of grilled scallops. There was one from the first couple weeks of the site’s existence, but the pictures really sucked. See, we was drinkin’ and had no idear ’bout lightin’ and such…

I thought I would do one of my favorite scallop recipes. It’s abso-flippin-simple. A few years ago, I decided to take the magical elixer known as Andria’s Steak Sauce and try it on scallops. My normal way of grilling scallops at the time was nothing more than salt and pepper, and a quick sear on each side. These sea sweets don’t need much more than that. But I decided to test that method against Andria’s. I soaked a couple scallops in Andria’s and cooked them side by side with the salt and pepper scallops. The Andria’s scallops were clearly better. So here we go. Pay attention. This is a short one!

Andria’s Scallops Ingredients:

Andria's Scallops - 29

There’s a little more than slathering in Andria’s and grilling, but not much. You need to remove the side muscle known as the “catch” muscle. When scallops are shucked, often this muscle stays attached to the scallop. It is the muscle the scallop used to clamp the shell shut and it very tough and should not be eaten. Here it is:

Andria's Scallops - 02

The good news is it takes only seconds to pull each muscle back:

Andria's Scallops - 04 Andria's Scallops - 05

There were only 4 side muscles for my six scallops:

Andria's Scallops - 06 Andria's Scallops - 07

Now put about a 2 tablespoons of Andria’s Steak Sauce over the scallops and work them around in the bowl to coat evenly:

Andria's Scallops - 34 Andria's Scallops - 35 Andria's Scallops - 39

Now put the scallops on some double pronged skewer and spoon the Andria’s from the bottom of the bowl over the scallops and let them soak up the directions to Flavortown for 30-60 minutes:

Andria's Scallops - 49

Why the double prong skewer? The problem with a single skewer is that when it’s time to flip it over, a lot of what is on the skewer does not rotate. You could also use two wooden skewers to get the same effect, but then you have to soak them ahead of time to keep them from burning on the grill and they are one time use only so you have to buy them over and over. These require no up front prep, are dishwasher safe and can be used thousands of times.

Now prep the grill for high heat grilling, in this case a gas grill, but a charcoal grill will work. Place the skewer right on the hot side of the grill:

Andria's Scallops - 60

Pro Tip ~ Now the trick to scallops is to be patient. Do not try to move them until the grill grates have browned the bottoms of the scallops enough to actually release the soft, white flesh from the hot metal. If you try to move the grilled scallops before they are browned, they will tear apart.

It takes a little longer to grill them when they are all in a row on a skewer like this as they insulate each other.  It took close to 10 minutes per side on a 500 degree grill to brown them. Here they are flipped:

Andria's Scallops - 63

And here they are ready to serve after I browned them on the other side:

Andria's Scallops - 77

The saltiness and garlic of the Andria’s Steak Sauce complements the sweetness of the scallops and the Firewire Skewers makes it much easier to mange them on the grill. Think if you were doing 24 scallops and had to keep checking 24 different ones with the tongs to make sure they come clean from the grill grates. With the double skewers, you would only have to make 3-4 flips depending on how many scallops you could squeeze onto each one

If you have any questions about the Andria’s Scallops please feel free to comment below or shoot me an email.

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No recipe card. Remove the side muscle, slather with Andria’s for about an hour, grill for 10 minutes a side, serve.

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I love Andria’s Sauce, and it’s the only way I make steaks now. I’ve never thought of using it for something else. These scallops sound good. I’m betting it makes really flavorful chicken too.



You know, that has to be one of the few proteins I have not tried it on. But I think I need to and right away!


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