The Grillin’ Fools are:

  • Guys that live in and around the St. Louis area
  • Backyard BBQ guys who just happen to have cameras and a website
  • Beyond passionate about cooking anything and everything outside – some might call us fools
  • Dedicated to teaching others how to grill by showing them step by step, picture by picture instructions to make amazing meals on the grill without repeating the countless mistakes we’ve made
  • Ardent believers in giving back

Photograph by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman.

The Grillin’ Fools are not:

  • Formally trained chefs although Tom has taken a few classes and the three of us have taught grilling classes and will teach you. We do paid grilling classes corporate outings, birthday parties, etc. Email me to find out more.
  • Restaurant owners – we’ve never owned a restaurant and never will
  • Caterers – Please don’t ask us to cater your next graduation/birthday/retirement/etc party
  • Competition Grillers. We just don’t have the time or the inclination although we do host our own Charity BBQ Competition strictly limited to backyard guys.
  • As a group, married to any individual grill manufacturer or fuel source (gas, lump charcoal or briquettes), although each of us has our own preferences for grills and fuel sources
  • Most of all, we aren’t beholden to the “accepted” or “traditional” grilling methods. We constantly challenge convention and do what we can to improve on the tried and “true”


Photograph by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman.
The Original Grillin’ Fool — Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas, the Original Grillin’ Fool, was sent off to college at 18 with a suitcase and a grill where he overcooked, undercooked and burned every piece of meat he could find. After thousands of failures, and quite a few successes, more than two decades later he started a website to show step by step, picture by picture, foolproof grilling instructions so that others don’t have to repeat the mistakes he’s made on the grill.

Continually challenging the traditional “rules” and “standards” of BBQ, Scott will grill anything from lettuce and leeks to brisket and bread.  He has written feature articles for both St. Louis and Feast Magazines, been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and appeared on countless television and radio spots in his hometown of St. Louis. He is recognized nationally as one of the Char-Broil All-Star Bloggers and as a Pinterest Ambassador.

Scott is a husband and father of three, residing in St. Louis home of the rib of the same name and the birthplace of the pork steak. When not blogging he works in IT.

Scott’s two main grills: Char-Broil TRU Infrared and a Grill Dome Kamado.

Scott’s favorite things to grill: a whole hog, followed by a wonderfully cross hatched steak and baby back ribs

Scott’s biggest mistake on the grill: Trying to grill melon!

To contact Scott, click this link for his email address.


Photograph by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman.
Greg – Smokin’ on the Water – Thomas

Greg Thomas is a retired management professional, escapee from the grocery industry, survivor of the Vietnam War and cancer as well as some hellacious grilling.  He adores his five grand kids and is an avid St. Louis Blues fan.

At the behest of his only begotten son, Scott Thomas, Greg joined in 2009.  He has been a contributing griller, writer, and photographer ever since, although all three are a never ending work in progress.  His recipes have also appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Feast Magazine. He has assisted with numerous radio and television appearances of The Grillin’ Fools.

He will grill (and has grilled) just about anything, but his favorite things to grill are baby back ribs and brisket.  His favorite beverage while grilling would be (surprise!) cold beer(s).  He also enjoys pairing a good wine with what he’s grilled.  In the past (distant), his grill time was determined by the number of adult beverages remaining in the cooler.  In recent years, Greg has discovered the instant read thermometer and subsequently his grilling results improved dramatically and everyone lived happily thereafter.

He gains grilling inspiration from discussions with regional backyard pitmasters and reading his extensive collection of barbeque cookbooks.  He first learned about barbeque and grilling from his late father-in-law, Russ.  Many Sunday afternoons were spent watching Russ tinker with spareribs smoking on a stainless steel barrel grill while sipping cold beers lakeside at Russ’ place.  Russ made that grill from flat sheets of metal, and that grill can be found on Greg’s patio today, again lakeside, where cold beers are consumed… funny how that worked out.

Greg’s main grill: A Grill Dome ceramic kamado grill. While maintaining a total of 8 grills at his residence, there is a rule that his collection is not allowed to grow. Greg’s ex-wife who is his wife, Linda, instituted a new accounting rule regarding grill inventory—GIGO (Grill In…Grill Out).

Greg’s favorite time to grill: April-May, when the many flowering trees in his backyard are in bloom.  He grills year round but the spring season rather signifies the official beginning of grilling season, a re-awakening of the primal instinct to cook outdoors over fire and escape the cabin fever of winter.

Greg’s biggest grilling mistake: Direct fire grilling Italian dressing marinated skin-on chicken.  The flames could be seen for miles.

Greg tells one great knock-knock joke.

To contact Greg, click this link for his email address.

Photograph by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman.
Our Big Green Eggspert — Tom Jones

Tom Jones’ Bio coming soon…

To contact Tom, click this link for his email address.